Rules of the Road

July 14, 2018

Riders can register between 1630 – 2130hrs on the Friday

All riders MUST view the event briefing presentation which will be played on a constant loop at the event centre and sent out to riders before signing on. This will be a short presentation and should allow riders to have more time to set up at the campsite etc

The course takes in many sections of Red graded trail. We therefore allow regular MTB’s, Fatbikes, Singlespeed and Monster Cross Bikes (fitted with front/rear discs and with a minimum tyre width of 40c)

All Riders MUST carry the equipment on the compulsory kit list, this is a challenging and remote route, it is for your safety and it will be checked. Riders who do not have the correct equipment will not be allowed to start

Clothing: A windproof jacket (waterproof if the forecast is for rain – tapped seams!)
Food: Fluid for minimum of 90 minutes of riding – we recommend 2 large water bottles at least; enough food to see you through each section of the route (we advise eating and drinking regularly throughout the event)
Spares: a pump, spare tubes, basic tools, spare brake pads (please make sure you know how to use them)
Emergency Equipment: a plastic whistle; emergency foil blanket; some money

All riders must activate timing chips between 0730-0800hrs on the Saturday morning prior to starting so we know who is on the course

Riders will be allowed access to the start from 0730hrs. The start area will be blocked into ‘expected’ finish time zones and there will be a red group at the front for Elite riders

Please follow any instructions from Race Organisation, Forestry Commission Staff and Event Marshals at all times on the course

There will be several ‘manned’ checkpoints around the course. Riders must register their timing chip at each point to show they have completed the course. Failure to do so will invalidate any time and prevents us from knowing who is out on the course

There will be a couple of short ‘Neutralised Sections’ around villages and on small public roads/Byeways. Please follow the Highway Code, ride sensibly with respect to other road users and do not overtake. The beginning/end of each section will be clearly marked

The event has a road crossings which will be marshaled. Riders MUST dismount and cross when the road is clear of traffic

There will be a ‘cut-off’ point at 36km (The first Border Crossing) at 1145hrs and at 80km (1530hrs) for the Kielder 101. This is for rider safety and will be strictly adhered to. Riders missing this will be directed via The Border Challenge Route or The Lakeside Trail back to the start

Anyone retiring from the race must only do so at one of the manned feed stations and must notify the marshals. Marshals will then issue instructions about returning to the event start/finish

Riding Responsibly:

The course and junctions will be clearly marked with event arrows and tape (examples at Registration). Please be aware that you need to look out for the direction markers at junctions. It is your responsibility to make sure you remain on course. We cannot be held responsible for riders who do not stick to the event route

Whilst riding please look out for each other and offer assistance where you can. If you are unable to help please report any problems to the next marshal

Please do not leave/drop litter, there will be bins at each marshal point

Make sure that you ride within your abilities at all times and show courtesy to other trail users – a cheery voice goes a long way

Please allow other riders to overtake if necessary

Some board walk sections are narrow and are railed – please proceed with care


Riders are only allowed to use one bike for the duration of the event
There will be ‘Mechanical Support’ stations on the route. Riders who access these will be required to give their name/number and will be expected to pay for the service and parts
The Kielder 101 course has 3 feed stations at 24, 50 and 80km (two for the Border Challenge at 24 and 45km) and will provide water, juice, bananas, flapjacks and a few savoury nibbles. Simple refreshments will be provided as well as fluids, but these should not be relied on as the ONLY source of food. 101 Riders will be allowed to hand in a drop bag which will be taken to the 50km feed station on their behalf
Kielder 101 Drop Bags are for riders to transport any specific drink powders/gels/energy bar products to the main feed station (50km) as we appreciate that these are highly personal. A bag will be provided. Please do not include water bottles or liquids as we would be unable to transport this amount of kit for all riders.

At the Finish all riders must hand in their timing chip, so that we know who is off the course. This is important for safety and prevents us from sending out a search party.